Tunisia Australia Project

The Medina of Tunis

This documentary explores the multicultural layers of the Medina of Tunis in a journey which celebrates the Medina’s tangible and intangible heritage. Acknowledging a long history of settlement – Libyan, Phoenician, Roman – since the 9th century BCE, the Medina of Tunis and its emergence as an important capital city, can be traced to the […]

The Island of Djerba

This documentary explores the multicultural heritage of the island of Djerba located in the south east of Tunisia. Situated at the edge of the Mediterranean, the arid island of Djerba is characterised by a rich cultural history that shapes the architecture, language, artistry and cuisine. This documentary explores the way-of-life in the island amidst the […]

The Medina of Al-Qayrawân

The documentary introduces the Medina of Al-Qayrawân, which is a unique inland city which has been shaped by its rich multicultural heritage. Al-Qayrawân, or Kairouan, was established in the 7th century on the site of a Byzantine fortress in north central Tunisia. It was the first Arabo-Muslim base in the Maghreb and it was chosen […]