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The Medina of Al-Qayrawân

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The documentary introduces the Medina of Al-Qayrawân, which is a unique inland city which has been shaped by its rich multicultural heritage.

Al-Qayrawân, or Kairouan, was established in the 7th century on the site of a Byzantine fortress in north central Tunisia. It was the first Arabo-Muslim base in the Maghreb and it was chosen as the capital of the Maghreb under the Aghlabids.

Al-Qayrawân subsequently developed as an eminent centre of faith, education, administration and commerce under the Fatimid and Zirid dynasties and became an important centre for the study of medicine by Muslim and Jewish scholars.

This legacy is materialised in the architectural fabric of the city which bears the traces of this cultural and religious diversity, intellectual expertise and technical know-how which is featured in the showcase of impressive monuments from the Great Mosque of Al-Qayrawan to the ingenious Aghlabid basins.


Film Credits



Jelel Bessaad/Film Director

Chibeb Trabelsi/Producer

Nourchen Ben Fatma/Executive Producer

Rihab Mtir/Director’s Assistant

Camera Operator

Ayoub Galaaoui

Mohamed Bouagila

Hamza Omrani


Jalel Eddine Aouadi

Karim Ben Chagra


Zouhair Chheybi

Mohsen Temimi

Salah Al Mahdi

Mohamed Habib Dorai

Zohra Ayari


Troupes Feh Esserr of Hedi Ainouni


Ayoub Galaaoui

Mohamed Bouagila

English translation

Imen Guezzah



National Museum of Islam Arts Raqqada

The National Laboratory for the Maintenance and Restauration of Manuscripts in Raqqada.



Al Qayrawân Medina Festival


Film Locations

Sacred spaces

The Great Mosque of al Qayrawân

Three Gates Mosque

Sidi Sahbi Shrine

 Sidi Abid Ghariani Shrine

Souks ( markets):

Souk Zarbya (Carpet Souk)

 Souk Jraba

Souk El-Jebba (Jubbah Souk)

Water feature

Barrouta’s well

The Aghlabid cisterns (Fesquia)

Gates and public squares

Bab Jalladine

Bab Tounes

Bab Djedid

Jraba Square

Bouras Square

Private Spaces

Espace Tapisserie Allani

Dar El Mrabet al Qayrawân

El Brija Restaurant

Barraq House -Makroudh