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The Medina of Tunis

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This documentary explores the multicultural layers of the Medina of Tunis in a journey which celebrates the Medina’s tangible and intangible heritage.

Acknowledging a long history of settlement – Libyan, Phoenician, Roman – since the 9th century BCE, the Medina of Tunis and its emergence as an important capital city, can be traced to the rise of Islam in the 7th century CE and the later Aghlabid dynasty (800-909). According to UNESCO, Tunis was subsequently considered to be one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in the Islamic world during the reign of the Almohads and the Hafsids between the 12th and 16th centuries and the Medina is well preserved despite the subsequent growth beyond the walls. Over the centuries, the Medina has served as an important node of encounter and exchange – between the Maghreb, southern Europe and the Levant – which continues to shape the arts, crafts and architecture. Today, this historical urban quarter of Tunis continues to thrive through new initiatives and events. Covering approximately 280 ha, the Medina features all the components of an Arab-Muslim city, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas, souks and fountains. Considered together, this urban ensemble is among the best preserved in the Islamic world. Moreover, the Medina’s distinct intangible heritage is as diverse as its urban heritage. This documentary explores the historical developments of the Medina and the rich and varied offerings of music and food as well as arts and handicrafts.

Film Credits



Jelel Bessaad/Film Director

Chibeb Trabelsi/Producer

Nourchen Ben Fatma /Executive Producer

Rihab Mtir/Director’s Assistant

Camera Operator

Ayoub Galaaoui

Mohamed Bouagila

Hamza Omrani

Khoubaib Jebali

Jelel Bessad


Jalel Eddine Aouadi

Karim Ben Chagra


Zied Mehdi (Maalouf Musician)

Salah El Ouergli (Stambali Art)


Faika Bejaoui

Jamila Binous

Leila Blili Temime

Leila ben Gacem

Myriam Lakhoua

Sihem Lamine

Lotfi Rahmouni


Ayoub Galaaoui

Mohamed Bouagila

English translation:

Imen Guezzah

Leila ben Gacem



The Association of former students of Rue du Pacha

Al Rachidia

Médina des lumières


DOOR WAHDEK by collective creatif


Cultural spaces    

Episcopal Library

Diocesan Library of Tunis

Medressa Slimania

Medressa Bechia

Bir Lahjar Center

Taher Haddad Club

Fondok EL Attarine

Dar Jeld restaurant

Café Mrabet

Dar Ben Gacem

Dar Lasrem

Dar Hsine

Dar Ben Miled ( Chambre bleue)

Film Locations

Souks (Markets)     

Souk El Berka

Souk Chaouachine

Souk Haddadine

Souk El Attarine

Souk Qmech

Souk Qachechine

Souk Sarrajine

Souk Ettrok


Sacred spaces      

Zitouna mosque

Church St Cross