Tunisia Australia Project

Screening and discussion, Tunisian Embassy, London

DocumentaryThe Medina of Tunis, a Multi-Heritage City
Event dateThursday 6th Dec 2023
LocationTunisian Embassy, London

The Tunisian Embassy in London hosted a compelling event on December 6th, 2023,
introducing the documentary “The Medina of Al-Qayrawan: A Multicultural Heritage.”
Dr. Majdi Faleh’s opening remarks provided context to his work on cultural heritage in
Tunisia and Australia. The evening commenced with a captivating 3-minute showreel,
originally featured at the Dubai Expo 2022, offering a glimpse into the documentary’s
exploration of the Medina of Al-Qayrawan.

The 45-minute documentary seamlessly wove together historical narratives,
celebrating the rich heritage of the Medina of Qayrawan. A dynamic 15-minute Q&A
session followed, allowing the audience to engage in thoughtful discussions. The
networking session, adorned with the aroma of Tunisian cuisine from the embassy,
brought together academics, professionals, and Tunisian community members,
fostering cultural exchange and collaboration.

Attendees, representing diverse backgrounds, shared intriguing ideas, from heritage
maps for children to the digitization of cultural heritage. Dr. Faleh’s reflections on
climate change’s impact on Tunisia and Libya added depth to the discourse. The
event, a convergence of minds and a celebration of cultural unity, left a lasting
impression, proving to be an enriching and rewarding experience for all involved.

Photo courtesy of Nour Zarrouk